Suzi Kerr

Chief Economist, Environmental Defense Fund

Suzi Kerr is the Chief Economist at Environmental Defense Fund. She was, until May 2019, a Senior Fellow, and from 1998 – 2009 Founding Director, at Motu Research in New Zealand. She graduated from Harvard University in 1995 with a

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Ana Pueyo

Research Fellow, Motu Research

Ana Pueyo is a Research Fellow at Motu Research, in New Zealand, and at the Institute of Development Studies in the UK. Dr Pueyo trained as an Economist and completed her PhD in Industrial Engineering, focusing on renewable energy technology

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Edmund Lou

Northwestern University, Illinois, USA

Edmund is a Ph.D. candidate studying economics at Northwestern University in the United States.  Previously, he was a Research Analyst at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research from 2015 until 2018.  He completed his Bachelor of Commerce with honors in

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