Potential Greenhouse Gas Reductions Beyond Chile’s Nationally Determined Contribution to 2030

Preliminary Modelling Results Report, August, 2022

Par of Environmental Defense Fund’s Economics Discussion Paper Series, this report represents a first approximation of the mitigation potential and its costs, since the implementation of any of the actions presented may require a whole set of analyses to determine a more accurate estimate. Nevertheless, some of the results are of particular interest and the structure of the model can be used for some preliminary investigations. For example, in the Reference future scenario, 62 MtCO2e are estimated to be available beyond the budget commitment. Preliminary results from new runs based on different carbon prices suggest that 70% of the 62 MtCO2e could be obtained at a marginal cost of less than US$50/tCO2e. In addition, estimates of the capital cost required to achieve this 70% is about US$2.8 billion.

See the full paper here.