Climate Change Mitigation Modelling- Chile-NZ knowledge exchange. June 2021

On the 22nd of June, the Climate Teams initiative convened a team of climate mitigation modelers from Chile and New Zealand, as well as Government representatives from both countries, and international modelling experts.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Share the Chilean approach to modelling ambitious mitigation as part of a Climate Team and get feedback.
  • Learning about New Zealand’s approach to modelling and the challenges they faced
  • Establish relationships between the Chilean and New Zealand team
  • Introduce Government observers in the Climate Teams initiative to ensure the process is transparent and trustworthy.

Chris Holland from New Zealand’s Climate Change Commission, Andres Pica, Francisco Meza, Jose Miguel Valdes and Alvaro Lorca (from Universidad Catolica de Chile) delivered presentations about modelling approaches in both countries, globally and per sector.

Slides to the presentations on Chile and New Zealand approaches to mitigation modelling can be found here:

Andres Pica 210621Climate Teams Mitigation Modelling Chile

Chris Holland 2020-18-06 Modelling presentation for Chile-NZ modelling exchange