Climate Action Teams at COP26

November 2021

Suzi Kerr, Chief Economist of EDF and leader of the Climate Action Teams (CAT) initiative, talked  about ‘carbon markets’ and ‘carbon border measures’ during COP26 explaining the potential role that CAT initiative could play in both. Recording of both sessions are available:

 ‘Carbon Markets & Net-Zero: Trends and prospects in the domestic, international and voluntary markets’. Organized by ICAP, EUI, EDF, WWF, Oeko Institut, IETA, DG Clima EC. November 4th at 2:30 PM GMT.

Carbon markets are set to contribute significantly to reaching net-zero by mid-century. Exploiting their potential requires robust domestic and international policy frameworks across the compliance and voluntary space. We discuss how existing carbon markets can help achieve NZE, including through high quality carbon credits, the integration of carbon removals, and major carbon market integration.

‘Combating Leakage and Encouraging Ambition: EU and US Carbon Border Measures’. Organized by Resources for the Future. November 9th at 9:00 AM EST (3:00 PM CET).

Border measures have made headlines in recent months as countries pursue policies that square global climate action with international economic activity. These measures aim to create a more even playing field across international trade by preventing leakage of economic activities away from countries with ambitious climate policies. This RFF Live event taps experts across three continents to discuss recent border measure proposals across the European Union and in the United States. As conversations unfold at COP26, join us for this webinar on Tuesday, November 9, to explore border measures and their impact on competitiveness.