Catalyzing Climate Ambition: A Comprehensive Report on Chile’s Article 6 Dialogue Process by CAT and CBI

Climate Action Teams and Consensus Building Institute (CBI), Santiago de Chile, November 2023.

Between March and September 2023, the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) worked with Chile’s Climate Action Teams (CAT) initiative to design and implement a dialogue process focused on working with different stakeholders to get their views on how, and under what conditions Chile could use Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to increase its climate ambition, and how CAT could contribute to this.  The process consisted of a series of meetings with two groups. On the one hand, five meetings were held with a multi-stakeholder group made up of participants from the public and private sectors, civil society, and academia. And on the other hand, three meetings were held with a group comprised of members of Indigenous communities, some of whom were part of the Indigenous Caucus. The project culminated in the drafting of a “Decalogue”, with key messages conveyed by these two groups to the country’s decision-makers. 


This report describes the dialogue process developed with both groups and fulfills three objectives: i) it recounts the experience and the implemented process; ii) it summarizes the results; and iii) it provides CBI’s insights regarding the process. We hope that the report will be useful for both CAT Chile and its partners, as well as for those who participated in the process, and even for interested parties in other countries who may want to implement a similar effort, serving as a reference to promote the use of Article 6 in their territories. 


Keeping in line with these objectives, the report includes the following sections: 

  1. Introduction and context
  2. Description of the process. 
  3. Summary of results; and
  4. Conclusions and reflections.


The final report of the dialogue process is available in English and Spanish, through the following links:


English Version: CAT Dialogue on ART 6 in Chile – Final Report CBI_ENG

Spanish Version: Diálogo CAT sobre ART 6 en Chile – Informe final CBI_SPN