Colombian Reforestation Climate Team

Project time frame:  2017 – 2019

Research goal:  The development of an international cooperation model to form a climate team to secure international transfer mitigation outcomes (ITMOs).

The project has four components:

1           Conceptual design of a climate team agreement.

  •  Identification of contracting and negotiation challenges.
  •  Analysis of existing cross-country mitigation agreements to identify useful precedents and experience.
  •  Guidelines for key features of an effective contract.

2          Strategic analysis of characteristics of potential participant countries.

  • Colombia as a ‘host’.
  • Republic of Korea and New Zealand as ‘partners.’
  • Reforestation monitoring capability and analysis of data to create a reforestation baseline.
  • Potential for carbon sequestration through reforestation.

3          Engagement with governments, negotiators, private sector stakeholders, and NGOs.

4          Development of domestic policies to encourage reforestation (and wider mitigation) that could be               partly supported by a climate team.


Korean experience with reforestation  Date: 2018  Presenters: Seong-il Kim, Dong-hwan Kim
A mechanism for cooperation under Article 6.2  Date: 2018  Presenter: Suzi Kerr  Event:  Climate Teams breakfast event: Global Climate Action Summit, San Francisco, California, 11 September 2018

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