Can host and partners in a CAT be part of different CATs and bilateral agreements?

The host country would have committed to sell mitigation units to its partner countries under a CAT agreement, getting technical, political, and financial support in return. Partner countries count on having access to these international emissions reductions to be able to meet their NDC commitments. Before a host country can engage in bilateral project-based mitigation agreements, it needs to ensure that it will provide mitigation units to its partners as established in the CAT agreement. Transfers of emissions reductions by the host to third parties would need to be agreed in advance. For example, the CAT agreement could establish that the host reserves the right to sell 10% of emissions reductions achieved beyond their NDC to other countries. But the host cannot unilaterally decide to sell mitigation units to other countries, since it is the partners’ right to purchase them as part of the agreement.

Partner countries can be part of different bilateral and CAT agreements as long as they commit to purchase the mitigation units provided by their host at the agreed price range and to provide the strong support required.