Project time frame:  2017 – 2019 Research goal:  The development of an international cooperation model to form a climate team to secure international transfer mitigation outcomes (ITMOs). The project has four components: 1           Conceptual design of

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Ana María Ibáñez

Professor, Universidad de los Andes

Ana María Ibáñez is a professor in the School of Economics at Universidad de los Andes. She is the former dean of the School of Economics at Universidad de los Andes and the Director of El Centro de Estudios sobre

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Santiago Saavedra

Assistant Professor, Universidad del Rosario

Santiago Saavedra is an assistant professor of economics at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia. His research interests are at the intersection of development and environmental economics. In particular, he studies how economic development affects natural resources, and how this

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Angela Inés Cadena Monroy

Associate Professor, Universidad de los Andes

Dr. Angela Ines Cadena Monroy is an associate professor in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at the University of los Andes, Bogotá. She has a PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Geneva. She has more than 30

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Climate Teams a new model for climate cooperation

Climate teams presentation –  University of Pennsylvania Date: 2019 Presenter: Suzi Kerr A presentation by Suzi Kerr at University of Pennsylvania on how a Climate Teams model could work internationally to get the globe to net-zero long-lived greenhouse gas emissions. This

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